Friday, April 26, 2013


For so long I have grasped tightly
To a dream state you spoke of.
I poured all of me
Into this paradise of fools
And now I have come to mourn,
To take these hands
To the sea,
So I can finally release this weight.

I will wait till summer
Until the sun is brightest
So that it’s warmth
Can fill me the way
Your words once did.

How bitter the taste of a dream
Left out too long.
2 hands clasped-
Tightly, nails digging into skin.

I thought I carried a truth and a dream
But there were worms in the fruit you sold me.
And still I held them
Hoping that time would play alchemist.

Your words are truths I no longer believe in.
And I will bring them to the sea,
And let Poseidon play host in your lost paradise.
And for the 1st time in years
My hands will feel the freedom
To create a dream
Worth holding onto. 

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