Friday, April 20, 2012

Thieves in the Night (inspired by Mos and Kweli’s orginal track)

They say war on terror/
Cause Islamic furor/
But follow the set up/
Won’t look in the mirror/
America, comfy in their slouch/
Watching Buffy on the couch/
While the kids is foaming at the mouth/
Question: who watches the watchmen?/
When government is evil like Dr. Robotnik/

Making man to machine/
Heartless, putting bullets into kids/
Military service is a bid/
Follow the scheme/
Wonder if they hear kids cry in their dreams/
Cabal of chicanery calumny/
Bilking the public/
Long as we milking we love it/

So what is a brother to do?/
When real Hip-Hop is a troubling brew/
Now that is a troubling view/
When you can’t speak to what’s troubling you/
War on terror killed the brother in you/
And Katrina killed a mother or 2/
Society is losing a screw/
But it’s all good as long as it’s on YouTube
And amusing to view/

Definitions (I’m not gonna front, I still forget what these words mean from time to time):
Cabal-group of plotters
Bilking-to cheat