Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Swine Flu Haiku

Sean Bell, Amadou
Victims (pardon me) symptoms
Of New York's swine flu.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Me and My Mamí

We are a dynamic duo
Me and my Mamí.

And we take on the world daily
With chancletas,
Correas, y compassion.

Ella es un héroe
Como supermán.
She leaps tall buildings
And all of that.

But she has no weaknesses
Ella cocina con kryptonite.

My mom is the flash;
Fast enough to be
At two places at once:
Mother and father.

It’s me and my Mamí
Against the world.
And we are writing
The illest duet.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good Friends

To my good friends



And silence.

Thank you

For your company,

For calling,

And for being

On time.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Excerpt 3:

When you walk by the Sun hides behind the Moon
Urging her to introduce him.

Your smile makes the Sun blush.

He gets embarrassed so he tip toes over the horizon

Stealing one last stare before setting.

You make boys of great men.

Condition of Education (Haiku)

Curious Query
Quote: “Is our children learning.”
No, no they are not.

This is a verbatim quote from George Walker (Dubya) Bush. He was commenting on the condition of public education. So sad…


She is of the finest shades of brown,

A caramel complexioned goddess,

Tall and slender to the eyes

But voluptuous to the touch.

Her hair curls beyond her shoulders,

Her smile, the exclamation point to what the world knows—

She is beautiful! As soon as I press my gaze upon her,

My heart double dutches,

My smile checks itself in the mirror, then postures confidently

And my entire being acknowledges and welcomes attraction.

Insecurity (Haiku)

Do not listen when
Insecurities hunger.
They would eat us all.


Flowers are
hopeless romantics
they stretch
and grow upwards
trying to
reach the Sun.

I am your flower
Reaching for the sun,
as if there wasn't
sky and space between us.

Fountain of Youth (Haiku)

He dipped in her

fountain of youth. I wonder

does he feel younger?

The Problem with Love Poems

Isn’t that I wrote her one too many

It’s that she’s also a poet

And never wrote me any.

Dear Haiku

Haiku short and blue
So sorry I could not say
What I wanted too…

Nat Turner (Haiku)

Why did you do it?

(Cool, clear, calm and collected)

Cuz God told me to.

Nat Turner led a slave rebellion in the US and murdered the families of White slave masters. When captured they asked him why did he do it, he replied "cuz God told me to."