Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So much to write,
And still I grasp for words.

They slip through my hands 
Like fish in a pond.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Soul to Bare

She wrote her lovely story down
In pretty words that shined,
And people clapped as well as I
For baring is divine.

And bare she did her soul to me
I promised not to chide.
Inspired by her endless toil
I wrote my soul upon a rhyme.

I scribbled a battered story down
In clumsy words on lines,
Enwrapped in somber silence now...
She did not clap for mine.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

This World That We Live In

Images of villains pillaging villages/
Imminent apocalypse, capitalism killin it/
This world that I live in/
Time is limited/
Rhymes is infinite/
Mind is ridiculous/
My knowledge is intimate/
While theirs frivolous/
Folded like molded tissue/
I incorporate focus issues/
Pen with a fine tip/
Jedi with the mind tricks/
To sever your pleasure/
Kamakazis like the nebakanezer/

Plus I’m a feminist/
Met women who storm and control all the elements/
This world that I live in/
Destruction of Eve/
Corruption and greed/
Spreading the seed/
Ground is fertile/
Mos said it landed somewhere between Broadway and Myrtle/
I don’t embellish, we too selfish/
We too hellish, they say fuck it/
Kids starve to increase military budgets/

Don’t touch it, don’t change it/
Too few change agents/
We change faces like trading places/
We are now the slave masters/
But fuck it, we enjoy the fragrance/
I see your shackles and I’m trying to tell you/
They trying to sell you/
“You ain’t free, you well behaved/”
Don’t let them say/
Araminta could have freed you,
If you only knew
You were a slave/

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


When you walk by 
The sun hides behind the moon,
Urging her to introduce him.

Your smile makes the sun blush.
He gets embarrassed 
So he tiptoes over the horizon,
Stealing one last stare 
Before setting.

You make boys 
Of great men.